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Whitney Thomas

Music was and still is my first love. As a kid, my dad would make me copies of all his favorite albums. I still have them. His taste in music was quite eclectic which he passed on to me at a very young age. My passion for music logically led me to radio.

I landed my first radio gig in 1996 while attending SEMO. I worked the “graveyard shift” on K103 part-time. I played the best new country on CDs! I remember how much fun it was taking all those requests at 1:30AM when listeners were headed home after being out for the night!

Working on Country radio has given me the chance to see 12 CMA Entertainers of the Year in concert. It’s rare for me to pass up live music. I’ve seen Willie Nelson more than a dozen times. Some of my other favorite shows have been Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Alabama, Wynonna, Crystal Gayle, Alison Krauss and Chris Stapleton. I once told Keith Urban he had a nice, ummmm, “backside”….I think he blushed!

Being on the radio has never felt like a job to me. Being on K103 is like coming home. I’d love for you to start your day with me. Don’t be afraid to give me a call to share your passion for Country music. Let’s have some fun!